Munich Deutsches Museum


As a total museum nerd I was really excited about visiting the Deutsches Museum on my recent trip to München. I love all things science and technology-related.

Be prepared to spend an eternity there…not in a bad way. This place is HUGE. I mean really huge. You could spend your entire day there and not feel cheated. It has everything. Was the first most vast museum I’ve ever seen. There are exhibits on anything and everything. Boats (including one you can walk through), planes, aeronautics, computers, trains…it even has a working model train. It’s absolutely fascinating and adorable.  As someone with technical background this in particular held my fascination.

You’ll see of course a lot of German inventions, such as the diesel engine and Zeppelins. There are models of various models of Zeppelin and other airships throughout this section, along with early airplanes, such as the one the Wright Brothers used. There’s a section on subways and a replica of a subway tunnel. Lots on space flight and information on each of the eight planets (ahem, the space in between the wall and Neptune is sadly obvious that they took out Pluto). Various models of rockets, space shuttles, and other things used for space flight are featured.

What really sets this museum apart is that it traces the entire history of each field of science/tech/engineering. for example, go into the aviation section, and you see EVERYTHING along the path of evolution from 18th century hot air balloons to modern jet fighters.

There’s also a section, and I mean a huge section that could be a museum in itself on musical instruments. There’s a room just of various pianos, a section on brass instruments, etc. Every section is like this, huge enough to be its own museum if it were split up.

Given the length of time one would spend here, of course you’re going to get hungry. No worry. There are two restaurants, one more casual offering only a couple things, and another that…it’s not that it’s more upscale, it’s just much bigger and looks newer. Nothing is really overpriced either, especially considering both places are inside a museum where you’re really at their mercy.

If you’re only going to check out one museum while in Munich, or you’re there for only a day or two, this has to be at the top of your to-do list. It’s definitely worth seeing and devoting a lot of time to.

This museum covers science, engineering, and technology very thoroughly. each hall is dedicated to a different aspect – electrical power, chemistry, physics, space exploration, transportation, computers, robotics, childrens’ toys, industrial manufacturing, mineral processing…and so on.

Be aware that not all of the signs are translated into English though- ideally go with someone who speaks German for support.

If you’re really passionate of science, engineering, and technology, then I’d definitely recommend visiting.



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