Paris then…and now

I still remember my first trip abroad like it was yesterday!  Eight years ago my dream came true and I felt on my own the magical atmosphere of Paris!


I had always wanted to see “Le Tour Eiffel”, “Notre Damme”, “Le Louvre”, “La basilique du Sacre Coeur de Montmartre” or “Le Champs Elysees”…all my childhood I loved “la langue francais-la langue de l’amour :)” and later it was my favourite subject in school  that’s why I knew a lot about Paris…

Paris is the 1st touristic destination of the world, 30 millions tourists per year since many years ago, the interest of visiting Paris is mainly arts, architecture, culture and history, even if it’s the capital of fashion, no need to go shopping to enjoy your visit.

From its pretty and remarkable landscapes to its inspiring cafes with accordion music pouring out onto the terrace, Paris has a unique combination of traditional architecture, rich history, pleasant parks and squares, original cuisine and special spirit of life. So no matter how long you’ll be in the City of Lights, you won’t go home hungry!




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I never imagined that The city of lights can be pictured as a grey city. Six months after the Nov 2015 terrible massacre, I found Paris rainy and humid…sirens seam to sound more often…odd soldiers survey all crowded areas …the fear for a near-term attacks targeting sports events, tourists sites, restaurants and transportation continue to grow. There is no doubt that people are  shocked and subdued…because it is clear that everyone is a target and the violence is random and indiscriminate and very close. On the other hand some things are certain…is such tight security in and around the French capital that it may not be a target.

In some ways, Paris is just the same with people sitting at tables outside the cafes, smoking  with one hand and drinking red wine with the other…but it is also not the same at all…




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